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Product Description

You've come to the right place if you're looking for a single software solution that's easy to use to run your entire restaurant, works on every mobile device, works with one or one thousand locations, and is affordable for the whole setup. With POS installed in a restaurant, our restaurant management system has been made so much simpler. POS enables restaurant staff to work systematically, which encourages the restaurant manager to have tight control of all facets of their restaurant.

You can run your restaurant from the palm of your hand with our robust, stable restaurant POS systems. Optimize the inventory, efficiency of staff, menus, and marketing. Adapt to new dining patterns quickly and easily automate repetitive tasks—no need for manual repairs or improvements to think about. To ensure that its features provide everything a restaurant requires to run smoothly, Simphony POS grows in the cloud. 

Our restaurant management software does more than connect the front of the building, kitchen, and back office. This lets you spot possibilities, Run successful online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery. Through cloud kitchens and virtual brands, extend your menu options. Link your front, kitchen, and back-office operations to the safest cloud point of sale in the industry. For a single all-in-one app, forecast trends, reduce waste, improve staff management, update the menu in real-time, and raise customer loyalty. System features include:

  • Sales and orders track
  • View real-time, detailed financial statements
  • Manage scheduling for employees
  • Access data, Via the cloud.
  • Scheduling for staff, including day-to-day, holiday, and sick leave
  • Realtime Dashboard & Statistics
  • Manage scheduling for employees
  • Access data, Via the cloud.