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Product Description

Upgrade your pharmacy software to improve patient care for both large and independent pharmacies by simplifying daily routines with features that include custom workflows, complete prescription refills, fully integrated payment processing, and instant communication.

The workflows for drug distribution, medical claims processing and patient prescription adherence are simplified by our pharmacy management systems. To maximize operating performance, exploit actionable data points, and minimize costs, enforcement risks, and mistakes, pharmacy employees use these tools. Any pharmacy (clinical, retail) can automate and simplify everyday activities, such as drug stock management, patient management, and billing, with our pharmacy management system .

Our Pharmacy management system offers:

  • User-Friendly Record System
  • HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance
  • Full Prescription Management
  • Automated Claims Processing
  • Accuracy and Safety
  • Complete and Accurate Drug Interaction.
  • On-line Reconciliation
  • Drug-file Updates
  • Electronic Prescriptions