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Software Development

Our team has a deep understanding of web apps' design & development and works on .Net Framework, Angular, JavaScript, PHP, Drupal, CSS, WordPress, etc. We introduce all the latest technology to streamline your company better and increase the visibility of your brand.

We will contribute to making it a reality. To identify your specifications, we will work with you and develop a custom software solution. As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner software, and technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, C#, SQL Server, Windows Server, and Azure are used in most of our customized development work. JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, Angular, React, Vue and Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, and other open-source software, are often used extensively.

  • Prototyping : Understanding the concept and planning of UI/UX for Application.
  • Development : Our Tech team will follow the complete procedure and lifecycle of software development methodology and develop the product as per requirements.
  • Testing : once development team finished the task our testing team will take over and perform tests like fog testing, unit testing, and security testing for CSRF SQL injecting xss attacks. and deploy the application.


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Mobile Application UI/UX

Mobile applications can be as easy as presenting users with necessary details. They can be very complicated to integrate with a custom web app or other third-party tools, such as having GPS capabilities and mapping, online transactions, and subscriptions.

Our professional mobile app developers are working with native technologies like Swift and the Android SDK in addition to frameworks. Our app developers have the requisite skills to carry your project over the finish line.

Our professional mobile app developers are working with native technologies like Swift and the Android SDK in addition to frameworks. Our app developers have the requisite skills to carry your project over the finish line. We formulate a winning plan with your goals in mind, which will deliver a visually stunning and practical website. We will create the right platform for your mobile projects, whether it's a native iOS or Android app, hybrid, or web app.

Examples of features that can be incorporated
  • Automation of the workforce and sector
  • Supervision of projects and assignment of tasks
  • Monitoring and management of timeframe
  • Generation of invoices, monitoring, and management
  • Reporting on analytics, including charts and graphs
  • Incorporation of mobile applications


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IoT solution

The Internet of Things has become popular in all aspects of life, from homes and industries to businesses. IoT is making the world intelligent and stronger than ever before, linking all and everyone. This is just the start, however. Unlocking the Internet of Things' full potential requires organizations to consider value creation opportunities and solve the underlying challenges systematically.

The Code Fever Technology Ltd Internet of Things service helps companies transform business needs by providing creative IoT driven technologies into competitive differentiators. Delivering top-notch IoT solutions and promote technology innovation, our team is prepared to leverage our best practices gathered across the years in business across numerous industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, telecoms, banking, and retail. We provide our clients with extensive IoT services, from combining the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to selecting the best-fit platform. We motivate institutions to:

  • Link and scale with productivity.
  • Analyze new knowledge and act upon it.
  • Combining and transforming company processes.
  • Using augmented intelligence to enhance decision making.
  • Plan, design, implement, deploy and manage IoT processes from end to end.
  • Integrate IoT solutions with current enterprise architecture efficiently.
Your infrastructure's security

Cyber Security

The digital world of today is complex. Security techniques are primarily influenced by the emergence of technology like mobile, cloud, and big data. These ever-evolving developments will continue to add to the complexities and push your IT infrastructure and information assets' security obligations. Your company data and intellectual property may also be challenged. Therefore, to keep your records, intellectual property, and other most valuable assets safe and protected, it is necessary to have strong IT protection in place.

At Code Fever Technology Ltd, we are proud of our experienced IT security experts' expertise in providing intelligent security solutions. Our strategies are designed to solve the critical problems that businesses face today. We recognize that you need a robust IT protection framework in place for your business environment. Through dedicated monitoring and management of your network, systems, and data, we will help you protect your IT environment.

Your company will get benefits from our IT security services.
  • Lowering Cost
  • Maximize output
  • Dedicated expertise in technical matters
  • Monitoring of security and risks
  • IT security services 24x7